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Viseth Platform

For building and platform command were used industrial elements. The main components of the platform are:

  • Storage gravity is intended to store the marks and detect their existence.
  • The Transfer System is designed to transfer parts to the frame storage gravity, guiding them and positioning them in place of default.
  • The conveyor is designed to transport parts placed in assembly, transportation for inspection and measurement.
  • The manipulator is intended takeover of components, transportation, transfer and assembly parts using Grupper.
  • The guidance system is designed for sorting, monitoring and storage of parts on one of the two inputs thereof.
  • Industrial Sesors ( Vision Sensor, Measuring sensor, Photoelectric Sensor)
  • Industrial limiters.

The operation of the platform:
The platform assembles two types of parts, the piston-cylinder type.  It detects the assembled part is positioned in the right manipulator via a photoelectric sensor. The manipulator will take part in the corresponding storage gravity, will perform the assembly process, then through Vision sensor will scan the assembled piece. It will measure the parts with a measuring sensor, then will be directed to one of the storage systems.

Viseth platform


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Pneumatic Platform

The main components of the platform are:

  • Storage Gravity for cylinder
  • Storage gravity for piston
  • Storage system for casing cover
  • Conveyor
  • Manipulator is designed to transfer and assemble parts.
  • Stop System
  • Industrial Sensor
  • Pneumatic motors
  • Distributors
  • Filter
  • Electric Motor
  • Press system to cover the cylinder.
  • Manipulator for transfer and transport parts press system.
  • Storage system

The operation of the platform:
Pneumatic Platform, perform assembly of cylinder, piston and casing cover.
The transfer cylinder from storage gravity onto the conveyor is achieved by drive linear pneumatic motor underlying of storage gravity. When the electromagnetic limiter detects a c ase then takes place trasnfer process.
Then performs simultaneous movements by: stem extension pneumatic linear motor that stopping cylinder in the right manipulator, while the manipulator moving to takeovers (positioning) a piston. After completing assembly, parts using conveyor will move up in the right manipulator(Robot). The robot (manipulator) moving to take over a casing cover. Then, the cylinder cover is accomplished by the piston assembly,on the conveyor. The assembly is take over of Robot (manipulator) until the pressing system, then trasnfer in storage area.

Pneumatic platform


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Platform components:
• AS RS system with 3 storage stations arranged circular; • robocar two subsystems transfer; • 3 positions intermediate storage;
The drive assemblies:
• stepper motors; • electromagnets; • drivers;

Platform components:
• AGV system and pallet transfer two storage positions;
• AGV system takeover and two pallets Posts storage;
• communications system and display system status AGV’s.

AS/RS 3D video

AS/RS physical model